Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Monthly Luncheon

Musings on the future of Alaska energy consumers "Which pipeline?? Propane can!!
by Harold Heinze, CEO ANGDA
Tuesday, September 13, Noon
Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, 4721 Aircraft Drive

RSVP by Friday, September 9th, to Nicole Knox, ITE Alaska Treasurer, at nknox@rmconsult.com or 646-9647.

Cost is $15 for Alaska Section Members, $22 for unpaid Members & guests, and Free for students.

An RSVP is a monetary commitment on your behalf whether or not you attend. Substitutions welcome. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions with your RSVP.

1. Welcome
2. Secretary Report ‐ Rob
a. Web Site/Blog/Facebook Status – Job Board
3. Treasurer’s Report – Nicole
4. 2011 Conference Update ‐ Debrief
5. SocialITE – ANYTHING???
6. Committees
a. Continuing Education
b. Western District Liaison
c. UAA‐Student Chapter
7. Membership
a. Elections
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ii. Must be a member to vote
b. Half Price Memberships being offered – See Nicole for forms.
8. Other
9. Presentation – Karthik

Next regular meeting scheduled for October 4, 2011

Officers Present:                  P Josh Cross – President
P Karthik Murugesan - Vice President
                                                            P Nicole Knox - Treasurer
                                                            P Robert DeVassie - Secretary
                                                            P Jennifer Satterfield - Past President

General Attendance:  48

Current Alaska Section Membership: 76

Treasurer’s report: $6,901.21

ONGOING/Old Business:
  • Alaska ITE Blog / Facebook / Website
  • Job Board being posted on the ITE website now
  • 2011 Conference Debrief (Went really well, looking for a liaison)
  • Committees (looking for Continuing Education, Western District Liaison, Student Chapter)

New Business:
·         Election time for ITE Alaska Secretary; must be a member to vote.
·         Candidates gave a quick speech about themselves and why they are running.
  • Memberships $20 half-price through the end of November, see Nicole for forms
·         Next ITE meeting scheduled for October 4, 2011


Presentation Title: The Alaskan Propane Project
Presented By: Harold Heinze, ANGDA CEO & Mary Ann Pease, MAP Consulting, LLC

Mary Ann introduced the project and what her role was with the pipeline, and then Harold gave us a more detail look at the alternative use of Propane.  Where Propane makes the most sense to use, and why it is not being utilized to its full potential.  Harold talked about how Propane can be Alaska’s sustainable alternative fuel solution for Rural Alaska, the applications, and why use propane for local heating/cooking.  He also talked about the challenges of bringing this resource to the market, and steps that could be taken to make propane more favorable.