Friday, September 10, 2010

September Monthly Luncheon - Agenda/Meeting Minutes

Traffic Congestion Relief
by Zaki Mustafa, P.E.
City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Tuesday, September 14, Noon
Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, 4721 Aircraft Drive

RSVP by Friday, September 10, to Nicole Knox, ITE Alaska Treasurer, at or 646-9647.

Cost is $18 for Alaska Section Members, $20 for unpaid Members & guests, and Free for students.

An RSVP is a monetary commitment on your behalf whether or not you attend. Substitutions welcome. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions with your RSVP.


1.      Introduce Zaki - Karthik
2.      Swearing in New Officers - Zaki
3.      Secretary
a.      Web Site/Blog/Facebook Status – Rob
b.      Thanks to Chris Melander for his service the past year.
4.      Treasurer’s Report – Nicole
5.      Non ITE Events/Announcements
a.      KIN Event– Karthik
b.      WTS – Teresa Brewer
6.      2011 Conference Update
a.      Local Area Committee and/or Zaki
7.      Response to Last Year’s Survey - Josh
a.      Invitations using Outlook with calendar item – Still need to RSVP to Nicole!!!
b.      Food – staying with Master’s Catering
8.      Committees –Opportunity to be involved in ITE- Josh
a.      Soliciting Interest for Legislative- Keep up on legislative happenings, stage budget issues
b.      Soliciting Interest for Continuing Education – Facilitate training opportunities and events
c.       Soliciting Interest for E-week/Engineer of the year – assisting with transportation fair and nominating engineer of the year
9.      Sponsorship - Josh
a.      Student attendees lunch fees
b.      Looking at corporate sponsorship
10.  Membership - Josh
a.      Working on by-law revisions – will post when complete.
b.      Change in fee structure
c.       Change in year – moving toward a Jan-Dec period
d.      Membership drive/forms coming. Due to Nicole in October
11.  Presentation – Karthik/Zaki


Officers Present:                            P Josh Cross - President
P Karthik Murugesan - Vice President
                                                            P Nicole Knox - Treasurer
                                                            P Robert DeVassie - Secretary
                                                            P Jennifer Satterfield - Past President

General Attendance:  55

Treasurer’s report: $4,540.71

ONGOING/Old Business:
·         New ITE Blog site and ITE gmail launched:
·         KIN Group looking to find out what other industries are doing.
·         Women in Transportation (WTS) made an announcement about their society and looking for members.
·         Young Engineers Roundtable Forum
·         Western District Annual Meeting (Anne Brooks), Call for Abstracts.
·         RSVP reminder and continue to using the food server.

New Business:
·         New committees and volunteers were asked from the membership: Committees include Legislative, Continuing Education, and E-week/Engineer of the year.
·         Companies can now sponsor students for free lunch at ITE Luncheons.
·         Membership dues, meeting costs, by-laws, and change in year of when the chapter starts a new year for membership.


Presentation Title: Traffic Congestion Relief
Presented By: Zaki Mustafa, PE, Chief of Field Operations for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation
Zaki presented on the largeness of the City of Los Angeles and what DOT is doing to relieve traffic congestion within its streets.  Some of these measures include, left turn striping, dual left turn lanes, no left turning signing, peak period lanes, one-way streets, anti-gridlock zone, reversible lanes, off-center striping, traffic officer assistance, ATSAC, and online traffic information.  Each of the improvement measures were discussed and how it affected the traffic and functionality of movement.